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FS: 400RWHP M20 drop in turbo setup complete

Selling for my friend a complete drop in swap for any E30 or even E34 for that matter. He's going a different route so instead of parting it out, he would like to try to sell it as a whole. The whole swap should take you less the a weekend.

The motor is tuned and currently daily driven @ 20psi on pump gas. Made 374RWHP @ 18psi on a very hot and humid day. This setup make over 400RWHP on a nice cool day running at 20-21psi on the street. This car will start in dead of cold, and a super hot day.

A TON of tuning has gone into the car and will even return a very impressive MPG if you can force yourself to keep it out of boost. Just recently a drive to Montreal (all highway) with a few runs in boost still got under 9L/100km. How many 400WHP cars do you know can do that?

The swap comes with everything you need to get this running in your car. The only thing you'll need to do is 'continue' the exhaust from the downpipe onwards, and drop in an in-tank fuel pump (a Walbro 255 will do just fine, that's what this setup runs on).

You can come see the car, and go for a ride in it as well if you are serious about buying the setup. You will not be disappointed.

The following is included:

-Stock M20 Block - approx 260k - all seals were replaced, this motor is dry as a bone!
-New stock headgasket at the time on install into the current chassis,
and 885 casting head with complete I/IS valvetrain, welded coolant channels, then sent to get checked and machined.
-Raceware headstuds
-Schedual 10 backpurge-welded twin scroll up-pipe w/ T4 flange and 38mm Turbosmart wastegate and screamer pipe. This thing will support the weight of a 42R w/o breaking a sweat. No need for a oil filter relocation as with the 666 Fab. up pipe!
-Garrett T70ish twin scroll turbo (ish meaning it's a custom made compressor wheel, the turbo will support 600WHP no problem, so lots of room to grow with some race gas and/or meth injection)
-630cc Siemens flow matched injectors
-Spearco core intercooler with mounting tabs
-all stainless charge piping with Turbosmart BOV
-VEMS V3.3 stand alone with tuned map and all accessories (LCD screen, wide band O2, custom harness)
-Wastespark coilpack (no more distributor)
-2x 5 speed transmissions (the one that's in the car, and the other as a spare)

Asking $5500, that's a steal for what you're getting here. The tune alone in this car is worth about $2k in dyno/street time. Not to mention all the other parts. We've taken the guess work out of everything, just drop it in, plug it in, turn the key and go.

PM or Email for further info: notorious . vr (at) gmail . com

Picture of the setup in the said car (green intake mani is free of charge ):


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