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SO I pack my car up with a couple cases of booze and me an one of ma boys were on our way to the cottage to meet up with some ppl for a few days of drinking....

But by the time we got to around 401 and Harmony or something like that.... I looked in the rearview and saw nothing but white smoke coming outta the rear... then two seconds later smoke form the engine bay... All traffic had to stop so we could get the car over to the side of the road cause I was on the far left lane.. lol

We were there about 2 hours before we got towed at around 11:30. Traffic was at a crawl. We towed the car back to the dealership at Finch and Keele for $200

And the to top it off, the tow truck driving kept telling me how horrible BMW's where and how he's always picking them up all the time.

Here are some pics with one of my boys posing by my car on the tow truck.. lol.... I would taken some pictures of the smoke but I was freakin out at the time.

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