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Originally Posted by SubDad View Post
I figure we're almost nearly getting closer to practically halfway through the non-E30 season. I put'er away mid-November, beginning of April should be start-up time, right?
Car's sleeping, but today I pumped up the tires and rolled it forward a couple of feet to prevent flat spots. Checked around, no mice in the upholstery or wiring. Put some more penetrating oil on the parts I'll be unbolting come spring.

Getting a parts list together for shocks and tierods and stuff, but the dollar goes lower every time I add an item.
She is getting there, I'm feeling a change in the weather already. Im going to get my miami wear out soon and make sure I'm still looking fly.

Originally Posted by karmatose View Post
The Corbeau bracket (double locker) has spots on the side to mount the lap belts and I welded a sub bar to the bracket under the seat. Just some square tubing that put the sub strap at the right angle. The right way is to apparently drill through the floor and use some reinforcement plates, but that seems kinda sketchy in comparison to my setup as far as strength goes. The shoulder harnesses are obviously hung from the harness bar.

I'll take some photos when I'm home and have sufficient light in the garage.
Okay yeah. Just an FYI some track inspects may not allow you with that setup. I know your way of mounting to the seat bracket seems tough, but the idea is you don't want the harness attached to the seat. When the seat tears out of the car you want the harness still holding it all down so you don't just eject the car strapped to the seat. But it is what it is. I have yet to have any tech even look at my safety gear at the track

Originally Posted by Farintosh View Post
Thanks man. On JOM vert specific coilovers and they've been great so far. As far as the borbets I got them on after I took the car off the road. Also swapped to manual so I haven't really had a chance to get used to the car. Waiting to get back on the roads and get comfortable with the current setup before I do anything else.
Right on! Feels so good to get the autotragic out of there eh!

Originally Posted by st4chu View Post
I am thinking to swap v12 in m62 is easier but I like to have challenge even if it takes me a year to do so
Nice collection you got going there.

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Only thing on the to do list for the E30 is finish ITBs... and now that it's not -***C outside I can start working in the garage again.

Mean while I'm also starting to collect some parts for the E21.
Amen to that, Im probably going to get arthrtitis from spending so much time in a freezing garage. Is there any progress on the ITB? havent seen the thread in a while.

BTW us and the other local e30 hooligans should go for food soon and shoot the breeze.

Originally Posted by Deetow View Post
I'm thinking of getting out of the E30 game...
Why would you do that? Buy an MR2 and i'll accept it.
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