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Originally Posted by Farintosh View Post
Here's an update on my car! Coils, Type-A's, smilies and more! Currently looking for a late model lower valance before I do anything else. On a side not this second shot of my car was voted into the r3v 2014 calendar! So that's me, can't wait to get back out in the spring.
Neat looking early model, how do those borbets feel? What suspension did you do?

Originally Posted by karmatose View Post
Ooooh, just ordering a lot of stuff. Got a bunch of stuff in the other day and did a few things out in the garage because it was somewhat warm.

Installed these things:
-Corbeau Forza seat
-harness bar
-G-Force 5-pt harness
-NRG short hub and Gen 2 quick release
-Sportline Comfort 350mm steering wheel
-new alternator (Rock Auto is blowing them out. $95 shipped, no core).

Waiting for warmer weather to do:
-Massive 280mm brake kit
-IE Positive lock camber and toe correction
-new rtabs
-new gas tank
-swapping out right front right strut assembly
...and a rebuild of my e-brake.

On the fence about an AKG DTM shifter but they're backordered.

Just for fun, here's a pic a friend of mine took of my shit heap sometime in the summer:
Sweet, how did you set up the harness mounting?
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