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Hey Noid, good to hear you want to come racing!

I respect the guys that say karting, thats fine, I started there too but I dont think it is a necsesary step. ( I will elaborate more if you want) I might recomend differently if you were 16 and a noob to driving.

I raced in karts at the club level for 3 years, and regionally for 3 years, mostly 2 stroke stuff. That being said I did begin my karting career in one of those "arrive and drives" leagues as noted above though....I just would recomentd it unless money was REAL TIGHT.

If you have a suitable car I would attend a racing school, something like the CASC sanctioned school in Calabaogie in the spring...not only do you get great driving instruction but you also get training that is capable of qualifying you for a race licence to road race regionally eventually.

What kind of $$$ do you want to invest in this hobby, or will it be more than that? ($$$ will be a big factor)

What do you have for a car?

Is it your daily driver?

I may have a nice E30 325 completely race prepped for sale, it will be sold over the witner for well under $10, has almost $30,000 invested in the build, with reciepts to validate.

Let me know if you need anymore info on going racing, I will do my best to steer you in the right direction.

I went from Karts, to Formula VEE, to BMW sedan racing at a regional level...that was my path.
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