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Originally Posted by slemmer View Post
Their pricing is on their website.
Thanks. I overlooked the link.

However - it still doesn't give me an answer to my original question: what was the bottom line cost of detailing that particular car? Why is it such a secret? I'm a magazine writer preparing an article on automotive counter-culture and I run into this everywhere (in Canada). Are we ashamed of the prices we charge for good, honest work that results in a superb finished product? A fairly upscale jewelry store in Toronto wouldn't think of putting a small, discreet price tag on a watch that sells for, say, $2k (God forbid! How tasteless! ) But walk into almost any high-end jewelry store in Beverly Hills and you're bound to see discreet price tags on almost every item. Why? A price tag immediately defines your potential market. So the person who thinks your $2k watch costs $200. or the person who thinks your $500. car wash/detail costs $89.95 is spared the potential embarrassment of having to decline.

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