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The Trillium club realizes that no time is free time. As a way to recognize the commitment of the volunteers the club will be enacting a point based volunteer system that enables you to exchange volunteer hours for credits towards swag/membership fees/driving schools/etc. We are still in the process of working out exactly what the exchange will entail but the goal is not to make rewards unattainable. You should be quite surprised how fast these volunteer points can add up.

There is a board meeting that will take place on Tuesday January 24th at Grand Prix Kartways (Downsview) where this will be further discussed and debated at the Trillium executive level. More details will be posted following this meeting, but if you can't wait or have some ideas you want to provide, the board encourages you to attend. All board meetings are free and open for Trillium members to attend. The club encourages you to come out and participate.
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