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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
I would love to see the costs of a used 540 for 2 years. I always wanted to get one but was afraid of the costs compared to a 3 series.
I'll let you know in two years... hah. My first 540 I only had for six months then sold it due to moving up north of Kingston where I just couldn't use the car at all.

Pre Purchase Inspection $225
Maint Parts (air filters, spark plugs etc) $300
Peake Scanner $200
Oil Change $120
Inspection II + thermostat + some other stuff $1100
Tires $600
Thule Roof Rack $700 (not really maintenance but was needed for me)

Even with that I didn't even get to do any of the real deferred maintenance work to the car, which would have involved changing out all the engine gaskets save for the head gaskets and oil pan gaskets. Crank sensor, cam sensor, maf and temp sensor was replaced to bring it up to spec. That's $500-700 in parts right there. The guy I sold the car to ended up taking care of that stuff... Bottom line is make sure you can a) DIY and b) have some money set aside for bringing it up to spec. Most 540s would also need a complete cooling system overhaul if not done already, that's $800-1000 right there if you do everything, parts only.
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