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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
Thank you for a well versed, fact based response.
My question is, based off your statements, I can run my M5 and my High pressure Turbo Volvo on 87 Octane without any repercussions even though they both call for 91+ octane.
I can see what your saying but I didn't take the post he made in the same manner that you did, out of everything, I took home the fact that you should use the recommended octane rating gasoline for your vehicle basically. In between all that he wrote, the fact is your turbo Volvo requires a higher octane gasoline that a NA vehicle. As for NA vehicles, if a mid grade octane is suggested, it should be used, and a higher octane gas in such a vehicle could POTENTIALLY damage your vehicle or not make a difference in mileage if the DME doesn't know that it exists which is only in very rare cases. Most cars can determine, using several sensors,what they are running on and make necessary adjustments to the fuel trim and or timing for optimum fuel economy and lowest possible emissions.
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