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Another Eurotrash Build: 328is Inside

Hey Everyone,

After picking up my e36 328is track toy project from a fellow maxbimmer forum member last fall, it's finally time to make the transformation happen. This thread will document this process with pictures and commentary: your typical build thread.

The working canvas is a 1996 328is with M3 cams, M50 intake manifold, M5 clutch, lightened flywheel, Brullen exhaust, 3.15 ratio M3 LSD, and a set of FK coilovers with Koni dampers. The car will be built towards the ultimate goal of competing in Time Attack events, though Autocross (Solo II) and lapping events will be its primary occupation for the near future. The car will be kept street legal to avoid towing.

Satisfied that the existing powertrain modifications will provide ample straight line speed, my goal for the 2011 season is to maximize the drive-ability and reliability of the car. So, most of the modifications for this season are aimed at reducing unwanted suspension/chassis compliance, reinforcing damage-prone areas of the chassis, and increasing reliability.

Rather than post a long list of all the items I've accumulated, here is a picture to accomplish the same communication:

The build should start in the next day or two, so stay tuned!
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