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Originally Posted by Bob98Z31.9 View Post
Hi Folks.... As a brand new member , brand new BMW owner again ( just imported a 98 Z3 1.9 from Florida ) and having the somewhat aggravating experience of the new OBD testing setup I thought I'd pass on my tale of MOT blindness. I'm currently going to get my 3rd e test ( OBDII reading ) on Friday after having spent $52.00 so far plus $155.00 for a camshaft sensor ( which by the way did improve response as well as gas mileage )
Where the MOT comes in as useless is their generic test for resetting your monitors to read READY . It seems after numerous people have had a shot at checking my OBD that of three people in one day I had three different readings. One showed two not ready's. Another showed all were ready. The E teats itself showed 5 NOT READY !!! The question to me after making sure I put on lots of miles , going thru about $70.00 worth of gas and getting 3 different opinions from the same auto shop from 3 different mechanics was , what exactly does it take to get these monitors to be READY.
It seems there are more opinions about how or what way to drive for how long and how far at at what relative temperature than there are types of cars. I'm currently in the process in the last two days of using this drive cycle that I found on this forum and will use it tomorrow before I go for my 3 rd and hopefully last test . The intent from Ontario's gov'ts is well noted but like most people I've read on this forum I do believe this program has outlived it's usefulness .
Why did you change the cam sensor? Was it due to an engine code? I'm going through the same with mine now, engine code due to CPS, but I think it's got more to do with the Vanos system than the sensor itself
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