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Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46
I thought this might take quite a while before we sell it but my dad told me to post on max a feeler for the bimmer...

on the other hand, he told me he wants something that wont depreciate in price for a year or so...
so i showed him the m3's ...which i HIGHLY doubt can depreciate anymore from 16-17k... and he looked quite interested...

these 3...
Dakar yellow. Auto, 240 HP, Alpine CD player, black leather int. P/sunroof, a/c, cruise, sport susp. New performance tires. 160,000 km. $15,900.

2) this is the one im skeptical about

240 horsepower, fully loaded, black on black, Xenon headlight package, 5 spd., runs beautiful, cheapest in the book. 120,000 km

3)Because look at this .... 120000 km $ 25,995.00

manual, 2 dr., 3.2L, 6 cyl., gas, rear wheel, dakkar yellow exterior, black leather interior
I was wondering about the black 4 door as well, it's only like 18 K or sumpin'. And that first yellow e36 is questionable about its M3 status...the mirrors are a good start, and the front grille looks more like a 320i...but I know there were 2 front skirt options with the M3...with or without the middle grill cutout (what would potentially cover an IC).
The more I see M3/4's, the more I like them. It all started with my old neighbour SickFinga when I started to like the 4 doors.

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