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Julian: Well yeah i would get the m3 aswell, but the z3 is more of a relaxing car/awesome summer car, top down, 2 seater, awesome interior, etc...its a different category, but the m3 then need to comment, awesome car overall, just the fact that i wont have a great amount to pick from as a lot have passed 120k > compared to the z3 of the same years...around 40k >...

For those that said WRX, i don't really like the bug eyes looks much... im more of a fan of the STI...but thats out of the price range..however when i look at it the WRX is a great choice just because of the fact its got decent amount of HP, AWD, easily moddable, etc.

Wind: Oh yeah, cts here i come.

Blitz: Who knows maybe...depending on the car bought...srt4 already comes with better suspension, alright rims, ok system..etc.

GEEE$: We actually have a 95 neon as a i know how it is...and i mean obviously this gets no where close to a bmw, and im not expecting it to get close...this car will probably just be around for a year or 2...until the e90 comes out. and no my priorities havent changed drastically, i LOVE bmw's.

Skycity: Resale value? can't just look at it like that man...look at this bmw...
bought at 14,000 km in 2002...its 2005 now, has 35,000km on it...
and well its depreciated almost 10,000 in a year... with the e90 coming out...this CAR HAS TO GO...

Scollins: Thanks for the info...appreciate it..
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