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My 2 cents.....

-I don't think that 1250hp M3 counts for this comparison (the only BMW parts in that car are like 75% of the engine.)

-All cars have their reliability issues, not just BMW's, Supra's have their issues too, as do Civics.

-Jon, you can't blame a car to not be reliable once it has been modified (aka. a lot more power output)

-there is nothing wrong with a fwd car doing 1/4 mile races (as much as I dislike fwd cars), just because it was started by the muscle car guys. Following that logic we should keep Cameros, Mustangs, Corvettes, etc off the road courses and out of auto-x events.

-Jon, a modded Civic is not the epitome of automobile engineering. I'll admit it can go fast in a straight line, and they can be made to handle (somewhat), but it doesn't mean it's best. You can also say that you can make a Civic do 13's or whatever cheaply, I'll bet you I can made an early 90's Mustang do 13's even cheaper. Don't bring Civics into an argument where they weren't even originally mentioned, you are not a spokesperson for modded Hondas.

-last one Jon, not everone cares about 1/4 as much as you.

Flame away....or MSN/ICQ away if it's really off topic.
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