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Originally posted by E46_lover
what about the tachs not working? and wheels staying on the car is part of reliablity in a way

i didnt take it as an attack, maybe dildomatic did but thats different..i just think they are very heavy, and why use such a heavy car for the track? i have no doubt that they are capable of being high hp and track preped (look at JUN's 900hp supra) just saying, their potential is best as a street car with high HP to tear ricers apart.

Jon, before you start bashing other people's rides, including my own, I would STRONGLY suggest that you at least DRIVE a car that is somewhat quick (Not your cousin's dx civic--I have that, and it's far from quick lol) or at least drive a normal car for that matter.

My point is, get a LICENSE, get a CAR, and gather some EXPERIENCE, then talk.

btw, that one time you were in my car, i was driving the car at normal revs. How can u tell if it was fast or not? lol

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