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Originally posted by DarkRider
M50E30, I just don't think that he should have posted something he doesn't know about. Have you ever noticed that I didn't post much Bimmer related stuff on this board? That's probably because I don't want to talk about stuff I don't know. How would YOU feel if I just went on and said that Bimmers are slow and that they break down every 100 miles?

SOLDOMATIC, GOOD JOB, you have nothing to say because you know you're wrong so you just say **** you. How mature
i wasnt gonna reply, and waste my time...but, to be honest some bimmer's do break down a lot, and yes, some are slow, bliss' car isnt very fast IMO when i was in it, 180hp with 19s? and M50E30's car has had some problems since the swap (sorry to bring it up, im just making a point)...and it isnt the most reliable since.

in case u didnt read my post, i said u know what that means?
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