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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
Apart from the on and off rain showers, it was a great weekend. Between turn 9 and 10 my gopro suction mount came loose (from the crazy g-forces and my traction control was turned off ) and fell in the grass so i didnt have any footage the entire weekend except for the 1st session.
I had changed instructors by the middle of sunday and it completely changed how I drove through a few corners so now I have to relearn (harder than it sounds) turn 3, 9 and 10.
Thanks Mr. Bertoya! (Sp?)
Should be out for the BMW toronto day so I can practice what I learned.

Does anyone have footage? Especially footage with my car in it? Green e30 wagon.
Ah ha! I knew it was a GoPro mount. I spotted the suction cup on the track near the inside of 10 while doing my rounds. I hope this doesn't lead to a tightening of the rules around externally mounted cams; I just figured out how get a rear mounted cam to look like my rear view mirror in adobe premier.

Were you in B group? I still have to review my footage, but if so, I'll look out for you giving me a point-by
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