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Originally Posted by hockeyfan27 View Post
If someone they lived with had an auto policy the Accident Benefits coverage would extend from that policy.

If they lived by themselves there would be no AB coverage through any Ontario auto policy. They need a lawyer.
Sry to revive old post but came across this,

When someone is injured as a pedestrian, they become a claimant on the at fault party's claim. Given that the person who hit you was identified, you will be claiming under their Bodily Injury section which is part of their Third Party Liability coverage.

Your first source of coverage is your own AB section on your policy. If you don't have that or you go past your limit of coverage you claim under the BI of the other party.

That is how it works in "No Fault" (DCA provinces, ON, QC & NB).

In "Tort" provinces (all others & most of the states) you get a lawyer and sue the shit out of the other party !

Just putting this out there in case somone does need to tap into this insurance.
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