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98 328is

Sold my 95 525i and bought this 328is in great condition 2 weeks ago certified & e tested,I sold the 525 cheap so I could keep the rims and new snows that were on it only to find out that they won't fit the 328. So we put the snows from the 525 onto the 328 and all is good but the rubber we took off of the 328 is shot....No way should the car have passed a safety it's right down to the wear marks on the back and not much better on the front, question is can I go back on the garage that certified it or the mto...don't really want to go after the seller as I figure I got a good deal and he was a great guy but needed the money...and I have 4 525i 16in rims for sale and don't know what they are worth in good condition for the year.
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