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It is hard to give good advice without knowing specifics.

If an unlisted driver has a record outside the tolerance of the company insuring the car, the company will often deny the claim on the basis that if the driver was reported, they would not have offered coverage in the first place.

If the unlisted driver was not reported just to dodge paying extra premium or to avoid rating the vehicle in a pricey area, they can take a hard line as well. I had a situation where a 80 yr old couple had 6 cars. They insisted they were all for their own personal use. They lived well outside the city and were retired. It came to light, through a claim, that they put cars into their name for their kids and grandchildren who lived in city.
The company denied the claim (grandson wrote off 'his' brand new mustang) and cancelled the policy for misrepresentation.

For your friend, simple fact is that her insurance company will be notified anyways. (police generally send collision report to both insurance companies involved). Call them and report it and explain the situation.

She should get her licence showing her true address, wherever it is. If she is going to borrow the car regularly, get listed on the policy. Her opinion of 'temporary' may be different from the insurance company's.

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