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Originally Posted by Hound
far as I know it's proly realativly cheap for the tranny, you can use the 5spd from the E28's if it's one that had the M30 in it (i.e. 535 etc.) this will bolt right up apparently, also you can use one from the E34 535, those are your best bet's to look for since 5spd's in those cars were a lot more common then the 7er's. The euro 6spd im planning to put in is from the E34 M5 super hard to find and when you do find one you CAN pay mucho $$$ for it.

As for putting it in, you will need the master and slave cylinders (not sure if they are part of the tranny, think they are seprate) the clutch pedal and linkages for that, you will proly need to find the trim pieces for around the shifter (boot etc.) I think the hole for the auto is the same as the manual one so I doubt you'd need to get the wood piece from a manual 7er. Cost wise, well I know here i've heard guys with E30's do the swap for ~ $1500 incl. the tranny, for a 7er as long as you know a good reputable shop that will do it and not rape you on labour etc. then I can't see it costing more then that, again that's in cdn $ not sure what prices are like down there. Way I see it, to get even a remanufactured autobox would cost about the same as doing the swap, and at least with the 5spd you can have more fun

Good luck on either of your choices.

BTW touchofclass he is from Charlotte North Carolina, I doubt he'd want to come all the way up here to see charlie
Any ideas on where to source parts w/o killing my wallet:?
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