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Originally Posted by sparf328 View Post
i came to talk to you as soon as you rolled in , asked about your wheels and if your car was the eurospec that was for sale on max a while ago..i was not trying to "shit talk" or anything like that.. im just simply saying you seemed standoffish when i approached you to ask about your car... i mean common you had the sickest e36 there, you were bound to be hounded with questions and comments. anyways i apologize for throwing that comment in my post, twas uncalled for.

just tim berging

Yes now I remember you, we did talk for a quick second. I did answer some questions that you had, sorry for comeing off like an A*$, was not my intention at all. I was trying to get the bar organized in my trunk, for my fellow thirsty Compadres. Then you have dbworld4k hopping around in his good foot trying to get a drink, catering to his needs for Drinks and Icecream, I hope his day was a little less Uncomfortable. Hope to see you at the fall cruise and we will chat then.
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