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Originally Posted by tegboi View Post
I think you talking about Jeff, does he own a powdercoating shop off of bridge st in kitchener?
Jeff at century powder coating. I've spoken with him in person a few times about refinishing rims and he's pretty good because he doesn't mind telling you how to do it yourself. I say this because I went to him to see what it would cost to strip a set of basketweave rims.

If the rims you want to refinish are BMW rims it will probably cost ~$200 to have the rims prepped and then ~$150 to powder coat all 4 if you use a common colour. If you want a custom colour it will cost more. He will tell you that BMW uses a self leveling primer on their wheels to fill in pits due to the casting process and that it's more of a bitch to prep those rims. I know this first hand because I went to strip one of my basketweaves, the paint came off like nothing using the stripper but there was 3 layers of primer and it was a bitch to get them off. Needless to say I just decided to sand the other 3 rims.
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