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The western world. So full of itself, full of people believing everything is perfect. Living with fingers in ears, worried more about things like a dead squirrel on their street rather than their community, much less city, province, country, hemisphere, world. Absolutely no empathy for one another....they wear a invisible cloak of moral and ethical superiority. I just want to live in a clear cut society.

Either we are all accepting nice outgoing people that have respect for one another purely rooted by the commonality of being a fellow human....or we don't. Now our laws and constitution would appear to imply we are the former not the latter. Yet too many act and say the latter.

We try to throw up as much information about things we should be worried about, to give you the impression that we have a immoral hypocritical, damaging society. Seems that for each issue that arises it will take some sort of tragedy for those who do not agree to begin to. Meaning it will get much worse before its gets better, thus is our continued history. Never seem to be able to look at things holistically and prevent it. Few try and even fewer succeed. “Wealth conquered Rome after Rome had conquered the world”
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