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Well now that everyone has phones with vid capability, when something like this is caught they need to post on youtube, send it in to CP24, send it to the Toronto police, and also publicly identify the officer. It should be easy to at least get the badge number.

When I get pulled over by a Toronto cop I record everything. As soon as he puts his lights on I turn on the recorder on my iPhone and when he gets to the door I make note of his badge number. If nothing bad happens, fine, but if something bad happens my lawyer gets some ammo. I always treat them with respect and as a result I've rarely had any issues, but you just never know. Only in Fredericton NB have I had problems. If you think Toronto is bad, go there. Wish there were video phones when I lived there, would have made for some great clips

OPP or Peel, I don't worry about it. There's so much corruption and ineptitude in the Toronto police you need to defend yourself. I've dealt with many police, when I've been pulled over as well as working with them when I was in a security job. In my experience city police are always the worst. Regional police like OPP, RCMP, Peel, etc are MUCH more professional on average. That's likely because they are better trained and the screening process is more thorough. I dunno.

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