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Got the coils installed, it now handles like a BMW. It feels a million times better compared to the blown stock stuff. No more nose diving and squatting, feels much more stable as well. The M strut links really improve turn in. It also rides surprising well for how high the rates are 8k/14k, it takes bumps very well on the softer damper settings. Will be fine tuning the height once it settles and figure how what my wheel setup will be in the coming wheels.

Mild drop to start:

I had a set of wheels I am hoping to make work, 18x10 is looking like a no go in the front, I have lips to build these down to 18x9 so I may go that route.

The rears look a little better, pretty aggressive, a bit more poke and I would like but it will get better once the rear is lowered more and more camber will come naturally when lowered more. Hoping that will be enough for the rear and I wont need to go 18x9 in the rear also.
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