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Finally found a Shoe - Intro + Build thread

I had been looking on and off for several years, finally the time has come and I came across one and pulled the trigger.

It's Blk/Blk 5spd. 2.8L Sunroof/HK/LSD.
I really wasn't looking for any specific color as these are fairly hard to find as it is, I just wanted it to be a manual, but I am happy it has black interior.
More importantly, the paint was decent except for the roof and the interior was surprisingly clean with no cracks/rips, etc.
Mechanically it needs some work, but nothing I can't take care of.

Here she is, in her stock and dull looking glory.

This isn't a "Build" thread per se, but I didn't know what else to call it, i'll just update the thread as I clean her up and take care of a few trouble areas.

Near future plans are mostly maintenance items, plus suspension and wheels.

First order of business (within 24h of picking it up) was to clean up the paint. The paint was in fairly good shape considering the crap I've seen most used cars in South Florida to be in. I never expected used cars in Florida to be in such crap shape, I was hoping to find a land of rust free mint cars.....but that is far from it. Almost every car I went to see had several banged up panels, faded/peeling paint and dried/ripped/teared up interiors. I wouldn't have taken some of the cars I saw if they paid me.

What I was dealing with:
I forgot to take a before picture of the roof, the right side had one pass at this point.

Several more rounds of this:

Then I ended up with this:
Not 100% perfect, but better than I expected, I'll take it.

After about 6-8hrs spread over my weekend, this is the result of the full car, and as a bonus after cleaning up my garage little, I decided to see how my M3 wheels would look on it even thou I knew the tires wouldn't work. Here it is, something to shoot for:

Updates will come slowly as I tackle a few things and get to a few mods I have planned.
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