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I kinda made up my own routine... it's pretty quick and works great.

1) Headlights to 1 O'Clock (headlights off = less voltage used and longer lasting bulbs!)

2) Key to POS 2 (get fuel pump going and the engine primed)

3) Wait 5 seconds (usually as long as it takes for the DING DING DING to stop (under 3 degree warning chime))

4) Start car

5) Turn on rear defroster and heated seat. (heater stays off)

6) If frost and light ice on windows then I spray windsheild briefly, but don't allow wipers to go yet. Let the deicer work its magic.

7) Spray side windows and rear window with spray bottle (my own home-made deicer concoction. does not freeze up to -45 degrees and melts ice in seconds!)

8) Squeegee windows clean. (no need for ice scraper... just get the water (melted ice) off the windows.)

9) Get in car.

10) Turn on heater (windows)

11) Drive no faster than 3000rpm (as it says in the owners manual) until the engine, drivetrain, etc. are all warmed up. I rarely go past 3000rpm in the winter at ALL. (I baby my car.)

** note: when I park my car I keep my sunroof in TILT mode. Air circulation helps cool the interior much quicker to the same temp as the exterior resulting in less ice and frost buildup on windows for when I have to get back in the car again. Remember science class and condensation? Well your windows get fogged with condensation quickly after shutting your engine off, that layer of water then freezes.

** note 2: I also treat my interior windows with anti-fog liquid and my home-made ice melting concoction includes teflon to treat the exterior windows (keep water, ice off the window.. and light snow rolls right off.)
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