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SOLDOMATIC 325i, I have rims already 19" Breyton Imagines (SO3 tires 275s and 245s) for show; along with my lighter weight OEM 17"s for go...

I'm just in the process of getting the suspension setup in order. RD Sway bars (already shipped), GC suspension. Brake wise, I'll be installing the M3 front brakes (calipers, spindles, carriers and zimmerman rotors) probably this coming weekend (if I can pick them up this week from the seller and if the weather permits me to get my car out of storage).

My basic goal is to get the car fully done up in the next two months as to be ready for the summer I'll be doing most of this work myself along with bill (z3 97 2.8 - from this board) and chris.

The todo list contains:

- SC install
- Exhaust install
- Suspension/Brakes install
- LTW flywheel install

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