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So after slowing down on this slightly (too much stress and deadlines just aren't good for you), we're back out here working

Finished the new brake lines, which I wanted to do before the motor was to drop

The old nasty corner of my engine bay was my least favorite before the swap but it looks like its going to turn into my most favorite with all the brand new shiny stuff there lol

We also put new clips on the brake line fittings so everythings nice and secure

Old fuel lines got dropped after a bit of time screwing with the old clamps. New ones went in without a problem (will get new clamps but just mocked up for fitting of the other components)

Still need to fit the two filters and external pump at the other end of the hard fuel lines and figure out the best way to mount the charcoal canister in that same corner of the bay :s

Instead of dropping the whole vent line from above the tank (it's just the stupid vent anyways), we cut the new line and will join with a hose.

On the motor side of things, drilled out that stupid BW adapter and mounted the sender in it and into the head. Not very confident on it but it there are problems we'll deal when we hit them. Manifold is now ready to go on, motor ready to be lifted and mated to tranny.

Other stuff to finish before dropping in: steering rack install (woohoo I think that's actually it lol)

Gettin so close! K now for wayyytoo many pictures curtesy of my new iPad

Hoping to work most of this week and have the motor fitted by Friday


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