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Originally Posted by Dammerung View Post
I dont know about the LSDs but yes again BACK TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION

"which we all know you were wrong" Excuse me but who are you referring to? Yourself LOL!!! The only other guy who posted here said that theres no way a civic will blow past a 540. At 100 plus it doesnt matter if the civic has an LSD. You think a 2 ltr 4 cyl will generate more torque which is key at higher speeds to beat a 4.4 v8 that develops double torque compared to a civic.

and bud math lessons in requirement MY INFO--- 540 3802 lbs= 1.72 tons.

Mugen specials well bmw has that too its called BMW M Division! An Evo is tame compared to a civic. Ever heard of RalliArt or TRD That changes the whole picture. As you said u didnt change the original question lmao... then we are talking about stock...not MUGEN...Ralliart...TRD or M

Isnt a civic FWD? then what the hell does it need a LSD for LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
Yeah, I'm pretty much done here. You obviously know a lot less about cars than you think.

o Setting parameters like "the 540 will win above 100!" is ridiculous, as that was not the original question.
o We live in Canada and not the UK, a ton is 2000lbs.
o Honda sold the Mugen Civic through its dealers up until very recently.
o Mugen is the smallest footnote of what I mentioned. The Si/SiR/Type-R history is far more important.
o If you don't understand the physics behind how an LSD is necessary on a FWD car you can't call yourself an automotive enthusiast.
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