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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
Exactly. Couple that with the much shorter gearing on the Civic and you see why they are close.

You can defend and go on tangents all you want, but the fact is that automotive enthusiasts who appreciate something other than a 2-ton plus luxury sedan know that a K20 Civic is pretty quick, and understand that it would be ignorant to believe otherwise.
To each his would be more ignorant to forget professional engineering designed for enthusiasts that prefer lighter weight cars such as S2000, 350Z, a bunch from Lotus. Civic is not designed for automotive enthusiasts...more for the daily drivers. If that were the case y doesnt Honda themselves modify the car for performance right from the production line.

Automotive Enthusiasts' again a variable factor. If you refer to the mass with modified civics, that is atleast for me not an example of an automotive enthusiast.

Again I press on a difference between 0-100 and then onwards. I agreed with you earlier that yes a civic may keep up till 100. After that no way!

the 540 is not a 2 ton plus car. And Automotive enthusiasts im sure agree that the M5 E39 is a REAL sedan designed for sports and luxury.

I have no need to defend a 540 against a civic. IMO its a shame lol.
We were talking about originally quoted by Kev..civic blowing past a 540........thts ignorant. Not talking about any other tangents

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