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Originally Posted by Dammerung View Post
LOL Ive done exactly the same as u...drove 540...740 and civics....its not their best achievement but it bloody well is a better engine than a honda civics in certain aspects/// for me joy of driving lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bmw 540 over a honda civic even with my eyes closed

Please base your assumptions on some facts...not large...small....heavy...light....and then concluding therefore lolllll
To begin with comparing both is not really realistic.
Both cars were designed with different roles and different market and both can outperform each other in certain fields.
In reality, Honda is a better engineered car with low cost maintenance, while BMW is a high end car that requires costly maintenance. Another fact is that Civic holds its value better than 540 or even 740.
We can go on and on, but working on both cars, it is more fun to work on a BMW :-)
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