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Just wanted to report back with my experience.

I ended up going to Altech simply due to the proximity compared to level auto.

It's a small shop that's easy miss since it's set back a bit from the other buildings, but other than that easy to find.

I had an appointment but was running 20 min late so I'm not sure if that played a role in my short wait, which was about 30 minutes. They were busy with customers so it's not like I was waiting for them to finish smoking.

I dealt with Pat who was super cool and came packin over 25 years experience.

They pulled my car around back and I was able to walk right into the shop area unlike some super secret shops out there.

Pat was nice to answer all my lame questions and generally was a really cool guy to talk to. He told me "everyone gets to look, everyone gets to take pictures and everyone gets to ask questions"

I paid cash and got the "forum" price which is MUCH less than what some of the other places mentioned here are charging.

All in all I HIGHLY recommend the place and I'm thrilled that I finally have a wheel alignment place that I have confidence in.

BTW, they're also a full service mechanic shop so if you need any other work they'll be more than able to handle it.

Good lookin' out everyone!
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