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Hey Randy,

Well then.. no offence to the guy who lent his car to the moron..

I thought he clipped a pole and then went into the curb.. I didn't actually see it happen, as I said, I was the other car on the course at that time. I heard the crash and the spotters started frantically waving red flags trying to get me to stop. I had no idea what was going on.. That's what freaked me out. I still had the adrenline shakes when I lined up for my re-run.

I think there was another near-miss that day (or it may have been the next event) when a car got hopelessly lost on the course, gave up on trying to find their way back onto the course and cut across the center to get back to the timing gate and into the path of the second car on course. Once again, the marshalls were frantically trying to get the attention of both drivers.

Was it the Porsche Club or the BMW Club that used to run the events off Airport Road?

See you on Sunday..

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