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I might just be able to make it. yay!

quick question for all you veterens of autocrossing. Just wondering if my car will be in group "C" or "D"

I read the rules like this:
Modified means any vehicle having one or more of the following items:
a) performance enhancing chip
b) R-compound tires
c) full or half cage
d) racing brakes
e) lowered suspension (any two of: springs, shocks, sway bars)

All I have in that group is a Dinan chip...does that mean that I am going to be in class D, where I will get my ass kicked. For the event I could put in my stock chip I suppose, will that would drop me to group C?

Randy, Jay? or anyone else out there that can shed some light for me?

I mean I will just be there to have some fun, but would still be nice to be a little competitive

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