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Got a nice rainy day off so I figured id post up my progress.

I havent posted pictures up of the the new body kit yet so here they are along with fresh window tint, and brand new rims and tires.


I've had all the motor problems fixed so no more check engine light, unfortunately though my headlight control module decided to sh*t the bed on me 2 weeks ago and that ran me a solid 800$, also replaced my front pads/rotors, along with something else that I already forgot about.

Ive run out of money for this season and I never got around to getting heavy into the performance stuff but i have decided im going to go with PSS9/10 suspension, Spec racing clutch with LW alum fly. replace all the bushings to tighten everything up. Still unsure of what type of supercharger I should go with. and i would really like to have the motor rebuilt with higher end performance parts but i havent done any research on that yet.

I hope you guys are like this thread, and i will keep updating as i purchase/get new parts for next year!

if you have any suggestions as to what i should do/ look into please let me know!


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