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Alright, now we had to get it all back together and running.

I had to zip tie the clutch hose as there wasn't a little bracket where I thought it would be.

Had to grab this little guy and slide the little black bit all the way forward, now the car thinks it is in park. (I'm sure there is a better way to do this, if you have any input pm me or let me know here.)

Got it all back together, but just couldn't get it to start. We were overtired and at a loss for what to do. Then we plugged the Auto Tranny ECU back in...turns out that needs to be plugged in

Auto tranny computer!

It lives!

Got all the fluids changed up and backed her out

And here she is all ready to make the journey back to PEI (I crossed my fingers at this point)

The rest of the day was spent packing up the car and getting ready for the trip in the morning. Still couldn't believe I was doing this while we were packing up the car.

For anyone wondering why the stance is all funny (front looks all jacked up) we had time to do the rear suspension with the H&R Sport springs but didn't get time to swap out the front suspension. I really should have thrown the stock rear springs in, but oh well.
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