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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
Actually it is, as they are the same, its the pistons/cranck/rods/camshafts that make the engine what it is. Sooo a 325/328/330 head casting will be the same for all matter what...With the exception of the 320, that is specific. Do some research with the parts numbers, you would be surprised how much you can find out!
I know all of that and some more, no need for research . But thank you anyway.

I've only seen people try to make a TUB look like a B30 motor, and they could've fooled a noob with it, but they couldnt fool me.

Like I said , there are ways to tell the difference between a TUB25 and a B25/B30, even if the engine is stripped down. Even if there is no valve cover and all you have is a block and the head, there are ways to tell the difference. And in the case of OP, its a matter of 2 minutes and then add another 8 minutes to tell when it was built and if it was in fact original.
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