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Originally posted by e30-323ti
I wasn't calling anybody names, just a very casual way of describing someones point of view.

Just a Q for all you purists out there:
How many of you have been in a hybrid vehicle and can say it was worse than the original??
I'm talking well done conversions, not engines being held in with duct tape and the ECU sitting in the passengers lap with a birds nest of wires!!
calm yourself son (English acccent)

I have been in a E30 toyota that did 290km/h on the 1000m , but I still dont think it belongs in a bimmer dawg (PIMP accent)

but, atleast it seems like yours is clean and all (conversion), anyway arqueing about this is pointless.....dawg

excuse me I watched to much MTV today and 50 cents is stuck in my head. PEE EYE EM PEE ..PIMP (I hate that sh*t)

I'l make a better one later...
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