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There is no other potential problem. Not that it matters at this point in time but I'm bored and thought I would post. lol

Sometimes the micro switch fails in the drivers door like happened in my e30 vert. Aside from the passenger door actuator missing the the faulty central control unit. Even after replacing the bad module and installing the passenger actuator. I still couldn't get the locks to lock or unlock. Narrowed it down to the micro switch tab not touching the tumbler on the lock cylinder to signal the CU to lock the doors. The tab floats on the cylinder and it has a hump where it pushes the tab up to signal the switch to signal the CU. I checked to see if the lock cylinder was worn but it was replaced by the previous owner. it took me a while to isolate the issue as I've never encountered this problem with the locking system before.

Solution: I bent the chrome level up a bit on the micro switch enough so when I turned the lock cylinder to lock or unlock position it signaled the locks to sync.

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