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Originally Posted by daytona View Post
what power trip?...what I see is whiney protesters trying to explain their version of the charter of rights to cops who were there to check bags for weapons.Would it be better if they werent checking bags and a explosion kills innocent people?.The only problem I really see is cops from out of Toronto (aka peel,durham) that has a redneck reputation being a little more aggressive to wannabe anarchist , %99 of metro cops understand that political correctness is the silent weapon of activists.
funny i saw a cop grab that guy, technically assaulting him & then the officer intimidated the shit out of half pint, by countinually advancing on him. its hard econmic times in ontario maybe half pint was hoping for some money from a lawsuit settlement.

Originally Posted by 98M3NACE View Post
LOL i knew bmdbley would be all over the g20 and the police state, were you in the protest? doesn't really sound like it. Now why not? you spew your mumbo jumbo here everyday wouldn't this be the best time to fight the man?What about the police intercepting a man headed to toronto with explosives in the guelph area? did they do their job? the police had the resources available to them do serious damage (water cannon, sound cannon) which was not used. So what if they arrested hundreds of people protesting, disturbing the peace --which surprise surprise is a crime, many of them got released 24 hours later with no charge.
by 'mumbo jumbo' you mean the 'charter of rights & freedoms violations' and police & gov corruption and abuse NEWS articles i post?

and who says i want to 'fight the man'?

maybe? got a link to the news article of this 'bomber'?

and many did not get out in 24 hours, like the uniformed ttc guy who did 36hrs

Originally Posted by M3speed View Post
bravo!! well said! my thoughts exactly!

bmdbley loves to litter this forum with his anti-police, police state mumbo jumbo...and yet he wasn't down on the front lines expressing his rights!
lol 'expressing mah rights' didn't you see any of the 10,000 vids? there were 'no rights' it was a police state! they were in fact doing whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted to -20,000 of em

How did 20,000 cops all hot & horny at the prospect of beating some 'hippies'
let 200+ of them rampage for over an hour?

so back on topic i wonder how many cops out of the 20,000 got to be sex assaulting, torturers for the weekend?
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