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I didn't go all out by any means....but it IS custom and I built it myself. I didn't want to go all out with an intese system, which i wouldn't fully use. I just wanted a little bit more bump then factory.

Some Highlights to this particular system:

1.) Reatain my Spare Tire
2.) Easy access to my spare
3.) GAINED 1/2 inch of trunkspace height.
4.) System weighs only 16lbs more then when the factory subs were in it
5.) Enclosure meets exact volume requirement for this particular sub

so here it is:

shows how my spare is still utilized by sitting inside the rim. The enclosure actually sits on the profile of the tire, acting as a great inulator against rattles.

system closed up in "stealth mode" so i can throw items in the trunk. The Amp sits on the roof of the trunk, where the factory subwoofers once sat.

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