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I was actually just looking at the bostons the other day. They had great mids and highs......much brighter sounding than the JL or the Fosgates. I almost bought them until I went to another car stereo shop and bought the Kenwood Excelon Componts. I bought one set of them, and in the back deck my dad made custom spots for a set of the Kenwood Excelon 6x9's. We are going to get them to install everything I got on friday. New Kenwood CD Player, xtant amp running two JL W0's. I bought two Xtant amps that day, one for my mids and highs, and one for my subs. They guy said my system is going to be very loud LoL! I would reccomend looking at the kenwoods, but the bostons are VERY nice also. But if you do get either set........get a nice 4 channel amp and hook it up to them. Having a set of speakers under powered is way worse on them then having to much power. Plus you can always turn the power down if needed.

I bought the XTANT A4004 amp, and i'll let you know how it sounds after this weekend.

Hope this helps.

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