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Ok so had her scanned today (luckly my co-worker had an ODB II scanner in his car).

Code is P0116 - Engine coolant temperature circuit range/performance

Did a search online and ripped through the bentley manual and found quite a few people with the same issue.

Initaly the suspect is the coolant temperature sensor, however some have replaced it and problem was still present. Only after the thermostat was changed everything cleared up.

Here is one of the links:

Ive had an issue with the thermostat before where one of the two wires going into the sensor was disconnected. I havent had a chance to check, but im assuming it must have gotten moved again.

Since this is an electronic thermostat (integral electric heater in the thermostat), its most likely in limp mode (running mechanincal action) just as a failsafe not to overheat the engine. This would explain my current temperature of 74C.

Hopefuly some of you find this info useful. Cheers

Mark thank you as usual.
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