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Originally Posted by 325isRED View Post

BMW 325e
by Jim Hall

Called the 325e, the latest BMW is essentially a 318i with the 101-hp 1.8-liter L-4 replaced by a mildly reworked version of BMW's 2.7-liter eta concept L-6 powerplant. The 164-cu-in. short-stroke engine makes 121 hp at 4250 rpm, or to put it another way, 29 hp less than the Eurospec 323i motor. As in the 528e the 325's eta motor is a low-revving engine with crankshaft speeds kept as low as possible (5000 rpm) through a computer-controlled fuel cut-off. This redline is up slightly from the 5-series sedan that is fitted wtih the 2.7-liter L-6. Horsepower and torque outputs are the same as the 528e, although the oxygen sensor has been relocated farther down the exhaust manifold, and the engine control module has been specifically re-engineered for the 325e.

Part of the eta concept is the integration of both electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition systems. The 325 uses Bosch's Motronic ECM for all engine management functions.

Like all of BMW's 6-cylinder engines, the 325's eta motor is as smooth as a turbine. The short-stroke (81.0 mm) powerplant pulls willingly with no hesitiation all the way up to the 5000-rpm fuel shutoff. With maximum power coming up just 750 rpm short of redline, and the willingness of the engine to rev, it's annoyingly easy to get into the rev limiter at first. But not as easy as in the 528e, with its fuel cut-out set to trigger at 4750 rpm.

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