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Originally posted by Miguel
SMG can be retrofitted to any E39 or E46. There is an aftermarket company that supplies the steering wheel, paddle shift, etc. etc. for about $1000 Usd.
Uh, NO.

What you're thinking of is SSG, which is merely Steptronic with paddle shifters. They use the Alpina Shifttronic wheel to retrofit it on to Steptronic cars. They are still, truely, just automatics,

Sequential 'M' Gearbox is only for M cars, though some non-M cars will be getting SMG (sequential manual gearbox). Sequeitial trannys are not easy or cheap to retrofit onto a car. These are, truely, manuals.

AWESOME PICS of the M5. I miss the lights, but I love the look of the new gauges. And I LOVE the redline.

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