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is BMW crazy
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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
I don't think its beneficial for the manufacturer to make two variations. It just becomes two of everything. Two time cost and time of development, crash testing etc etc... And then they have two versions to sell, one of which will probably be the lesser in terms of sales... remember car manufacturers are here to make money...
They will still make money.

Having a 135i with only manual sport CLOTH interior, PW, AC, and a nice audio system, available in 6spd manual with the BBK etc, will price A LOT lower than the full bells and whistles moels they sell now.
One will be like 32K the other will be 45K$. People like me, might be less reluctant to dump the 32K and pick one up.

Same with the M3, it comes with all the electronic gizmos that are needed to send a space shuttle to the space station, at a hefty price of like 70K.
Now, If they just make a version available with only cloth recaros, PW, AC, Sound system, the price of the car just became 50K. Once again, someone like me might say to themselves, hey this is justified now, I am not dumping AS MUCH money on a new car with all sorts of crap I don't need.

You don't think these "base" models will sell well, right along its more expensive version, which, will be purchased by the types of people Mystikal described?

I mean, honestly, the e60 M5 doesn't even appeal to me that much anymore. Not only are they EVERYWHERE, but it seems like besides all the power, they probably lack a lot of the true M car feel? I mean I've never driven one, so it is al speculations, but you know what I am saying?
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