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Originally Posted by StikiGreenZ View Post
Excuse me? Care to enlighten me?

How were you able to deduce I feel safer locked in my home from my statement that wants to blame terrorists for the new rules instead of Americans wanting to protect themselves from terrorists?

Seriously? I guess it's too much to expect an intelligent response from you instead of useless text.
Americans Safety and your safety false illusion. Just like having an Anti-virus application on your computer .. one way or another a new virus with new code will and can infect your computer. Where there is a will there is a way. Locking your self up in your basement wont make you any safer then walking outside if someone is out to get you.

Americans live in fear and there government make sure they do through propaganda. I understand that everyone can hate big brother or someone higher up then them but they need to rebuild there reputation as a country to be liked more.
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