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Originally Posted by StikiGreenZ View Post
As much as the rule sucks, I think its necessary. If you want to fly over their airspace, it shouldn't be asking too much considering the risks involved.

Instead of blaming the US government for protecting its citizens, we should focus our blame on the terrorists that are provoking this defensive action.
hey speaking of that

& they let the christmas underwear bomber on the plane! 1 way ticket, cash, no carry on. his father a head banker of nigeria had made warnings weeks ealier. Shit they even had a naked body scanner in amsterdam where this guy Was Allowed Onto the Plane by u.s customs.

Originally Posted by arek View Post
Considering I am a white male, with no record..Will this effect me? nope. or my family.. nope. Can it prevent a future disaster? there is a high probability it can.
you can think that but you'd be Wrong! priests, nuns, ACLU lawyers, etc that were actively anti war - banned. No Fly list!

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